Monticello Forest Products Corp. (MFPC) was founded in 1973 by Les Johnson and T.L. Hill as a timber dealer company based in Monticello, MS. The company purchased and harvested standing timber in the south half of Mississippi delivering to several area mills. Over the next several years, MFPC established ten shortwood concentration yards in south Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana.

In the early 80’s Mr. Johnson expanded into the sawmill business and in 1987 Mr. Hill purchased all of the interest in MFPC.

history-2Soon after, many large pulp and paper mills converted from utilizing “shortwood” to treelength operations. As a result, MFPC closed all of their shortwood yards and continued to purchase and harvest standing timber products and opened treelength woodyards in Tylertown and Monticello, MS.

In 2004, MFPC closed the Tylertown yard and enlarged the treelength woodyard at Ferguson in order to bank “wetwood” for the Georgia-Pacific Monticello operation. In the spring of 2011, the storage facility was enlarged to maximize production and efficiency.

MFPC continues to purchase, harvest and deliver all standing timber products, assist landowners with their forest management decisions and operate the treelength wet storage woodyard.